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    Many people who consider selling their home, do so for a variety of reasons.  Some choose to relocate for school, work, or family and in doing so need to sell their home quickly.  Others tend to follow the progression of laddering up from a starter-home to the home of a growing family, to the home with all the bells and whistles, then downsizing once the family has grown and left, into the empty nesters home to retire in, or condo with the least amount of maintenance.  Others consider selling the home when the market is primed for them to reap a nice reward after years of appreciation, or to dispose of one income producing investment, and turn it into multiple properties.



    A time to cash out, is not necessarily at the peak of a seller's market, but can be best accomplished when a seller's goals align at the right time.  Timing the 'sale' of a property to the busy season in local real estate can be a potential boon for seller's if, in doing so it net's them more money.  However, timing the same house to sell at the same time, can also mean selling against a larger inventory of competition, where effectively buyers can pit one seller against another to get the most of buyers demands.  Sometimes it's better to precede the busy market, rather than wait for it. 

    The interesting phenomenon that occurs is, that when one 'for sale' sign in a neighborhood pops up, others are sure to follow.  This is not uncommon, as neighbors contemplating selling gauge market interest off the first house for sale in the neighborhood, and then jump in.  The more in the neighborhood that jump in and find success, the more that tend to follow.  Soon you have escalated the timetable of the 'busy season' and for those who typically know when to jump in, they might have already missed their first best chance.

  There is never a bad 'time' to sell, so long as the time is right for you.